Dimitri Spiros (1971), contemporary impressionist painter, currently based in Cancun, Mexico.

Favorite subjects of paintings are the rhythms of the city, the sea, abstract flowers. All Dmitry's paintings are created using a palette knife, oil and acrylic paints.

From childhood, Dmitry showed a special interest in studying the work of the French Impressionists.

Later, Dmitry studied the history of art, ceramics, paintings, at the college of Uzbekistan.

For many years Dmitry worked as a designer. Collaborated for a long time with the food giant NESTLE, creating packaging.

Dmitry participated in many exhibitions and auctions.

Dmitry's paintings today are in many private collections in more than 20 countries around the world.

Spiros is one of the artists who enjoys the love and appreciation of art lovers.

“One word can change your mind. One feeling can change your life. One person can change you." — Confucius.

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